-10% Moj russkij drug. The set consists of book + CD/А1

Автор  Загребельная М.
Издание  1-е
Год   2011
Страниц   144
Обложка мягкая
Формат 60*90/8
ISBN 978-5-86547-526-2
Уровень ТРКИ (TORFL) A1
Издательство Златоуст

Ρώσος φίλος μου. Αρχική του πορεία με εικόνες. Βιβλίο + CD

The course is designed for adult learners living in Russia who do not allow much time for long-term studies. Ideal as a course material for short-term language classes (48 academic hours, one-to-one learning), it includes a course book, a work book (CD) and an audio CD. It aims to take the learners to the equivalent of A1-level standard by developing basic speaking, writing, listening and reading skills as well as acquiring useful grammar. The programme is tailored to the needs of a foreigner and helps learners understand and use familiar expressions in everyday and business surroundings.

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Moj russkij drug. The set consists of book + CD/А1

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  • ISBN: 978-5-86547-5
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